Wisconsin Craft Brew Pubs

There is no shortage of great Wisconsin craft brew pubs to choose from these days when in need of some local craft beer. It seems there is a new craft brew pub opening up every week!

With so many good choices and so little time to enjoy their Wisconsin craft beer, it can be difficult to pick the right Wisconsin craft brew pub to enjoy a locally made, Wisconsin craft beer.

I have created this list of my favorite Wisconsin craft brew pubs to help guide people to the right spots and save you valuable time and effort. This list is in no particular order, and I do not receive any compensation for any mentions. With that being said, here it is:


Wisconsin Craft Brew PubsGreat Dane Brew Pub – Madison, Wisconsin. Which is a good thing because they make great Wisconsin craft beer and serve it in a comfortable environment. The very tasty Crop Circle Wheat started it all for me and Wisconsin craft beer. Great food and seasonal beers too.


Wisconsin Craft Brew PubsWater Street Brew Pub – Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Right in the middle of beautiful downtown Milwaukee sits this gem of a Wisconsin craft brew pub. Great food and great beer await you when you show up here. Try the Bavarian Wheat beer or the German Pilsner.





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