Water Street Brewpub

Water Street Brewpub

Water Street BrewpubOn my quest to drink great Wisconsin craft beer I have came across a gem in the great city of Milwaukee. The Water Street Brewpub.

I first started going to the Water Street Brewpub in the mid 2000’s when I was looking for a new place to drink some beer before a Milwaukee Brewers game.


We had some time to kill before we were to meet our friends to tailgate for the game. Was driving down Water street and spotted it while waiting for a traffic light. Miraculously we found parking right by the building for the Water Street Brewpub.

When we walked in I felt at home right away. Nice looking bar and an easy to read and current beer list. I decided on the Bavarian Weiss and was very happy I did so. After all, it is my favorite style of beer hands down. Was not disappointed and was hooked right away.

Their version of a Bavarian Weiss beer has a wonderful bright orange color and pretty cloudy. Vibrant nose and very, very fresh with aromas of banana and cloves.

This beer has held up over time and it still tastes as good as it did today as the first time I tried it many years ago. Nice work from the Water Street Brewery.

One of my favorite Bavarian Weiss beers that I have had from Wisconsin and I highly recommend this beer to anyone who enjoys a German style wheat beer.

After a couple of these wheat beers I got a bit hungry and split the shrimp pasta dish with a side order of the baby red stuffed potatoes. They always do a great job with their food and this time was no different. Tasty food that was cooked properly, using quality ingredients.

Check out the Water Street Brewpub at their flagship location in Milwaukee and their charter brewpubs in Grafton and the Lake County area. Otherwise known as Delafield.

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