Wisconsin Craft Beer Welcome to the Wisconsin Craft Beer Guide. This web site is dedicated to showcasing great award winning Wisconsin Craft Beers and the craft beer pubs and craft beer bars that serve them.

We are based out of Madison, Wisconsin, so many of my craft beer reviews will be from around  the Madison area. Which is good because their are plenty of places to choose from to get content.



I enjoy going out and enjoying craft beer from all over, especially if it is craft beer from my home state of Wisconsin. Keep this in mind when you read a stray Craft Beer review from Michigan, Illinois or Missouri.

My day job allows me to go out and drink beer with beer distributors after work in their respective markets. This is useful because I get a chance to meet the craft beer brewers and occasionally drink craft beer with them.

Since I work in the wine and craft beer industry I have access to useful and relevant information on Wisconsin craft brew pubs, Wisconsin craft beer festivals and where to buy Wisconsin craft beer locally.

I drink what is in season and will write my honest review of the craft beer and where I drank said craft beer. I do not enjoy all styles of craft beer in Wisconsin, but I will still give it a fair review because it is the right thing to do. Believe it.

The good people behind the brewing, production, distribution and selling of craft beer work very hard and deserve the attention and publicity that they get. Support them and their families by drinking craft beer made in the great state of Wisconsin.



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